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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
with Elizabeth Huber
  [ 11 hours ]

Date: May 29-31,  2020

Times: Friday 7-9 pm, Saturday 9 am - 4:00 pm and Sunday 9 am-12:00 pm (see schedule below)

Location:  Yoga at Spirit Ridge - 046397 Old Mail Road, Meaford

Investment: $260 (tax in)

PDF handout will be sent Friday afternoon.

Suitable for: yoga teachers, therapists, health care professionals, parents and everyone interested in guiding others to relax and heal. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to do this training. Elizabeth will emphasis intuition, healing and sankalpa. 

Join Elizabeth for an immersive weekend of Yoga Nidra training. Gain knowledge and skills to offer this  amazing tool to your community. This training will provide theory and practice to develop a strong foundation of what  Yoga Nidra is and how it works. By both receiving and leading Yoga Nidra sessions you will develop a clear understanding of the potency and range of the practice. Deepen your own practice and gain skills to guide others through an embodied journey of deep healing and awakening to our deepest, all -knowing and all-welcoming self.


  • To have a brief overview of the history and development of Yoga Nidra

  • Explore Yoga Nidra first hand and receive its benefits

  • Yoga Nidra as Meditative Practice

  • The Koshas (5 subtle bodies)

  • Be able to teach Yoga Nidra in group and private settings

  • Use Yoga Nidra for self healing and grow your own practice

  • Cultivate voice, quality, timing, pacing, restorative poses, props, explore music.

  • Help clients develop positive, personal, characteristics and bring meaningful purpose to life by setting and using self selected resolve (Sankalpa)

  • Develop your skills by practice and leading others

  • In this meditative practice, there is nothing required but to lie down and listen. Immerse yourself in the profound state of Yoga Nidra and embody the teachings that allow you to transmit powerful and transformative yoga nidra experiences. 

  • Yoga Nidra is the art of guiding yourself or another into the deepest state of consciousness where deep rest and union with Presence is experienced. 

  • Yoga Nidra is one of the most accessible and inclusive forms of yoga and will become a favourite for your students  and clients. Research has shown that it can effectively reduces depression, anxiety, Insomnia, chronic pain, PTSD, chemical dependency 

Have a journal, yoga  mat, water bottle handy.

Make or plan your lunch ahead of time so you can truly take a break during the hour off on Saturday. 

Weekend Schedule:


7-9 pm - Introductions and History of Yoga NIdra, followed by a led practice


9 -10 am - led practice (asana, pranayama and yoga nidra)

10-11  - lecture

11-12 - practice and discussion

12-1 pm - lunch (make ahead if time and get outside for the break if possible)

1-2pm - Sankalpa Workshop (intention/heart’s desire)

2-3 - lecture/practice and discussion

3-4 pm - teaching the practice


9-10 am - led practice (asana, pranayama and yoga nidra)

10-11  - lecture

11-12 - practice and discussion and teach

About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth teaches from her intuition and is known for her practicality and tenderness as a teacher. She teaches yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and wisdom. She is also a certified Ayurveda and Yoga Health Coach. Elizabeth leads retreats and workshops both in Canada and internationally. Liz has had a multitude of teachers and has been teaching Yoga Nidra for the past 15 years in Canada.

Radiant Child Yoga Level 1-2 Training (Learn to Share Yoga with Children)
with Cindy Stewart  [ 20 hours ]


Date: June 5-7,  2020

Times: Friday 6-9 pm, Saturday 7 am - 5:00 pm and Sunday 7 am-4:00 pm

Location:  Yoga at Spirit Ridge - 046397 Old Mail Road, Meaford

Investment: $625 (tax in)

Included: Materials valued at $225. Comprehensive Manual, Fly Like a Butterfly book, Kundalini Yoga text book. 4 downloadable music CDs, Yoga in Motion DVD & workbook. Vegetarian Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

Suitable for: yoga teachers, school teachers, educational assistants, therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, parents, grandparents and everyone interested in sharing yoga and meditation with children. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to participate in this training.  No previous experience is required. Yoga teachers can use this training for 20 hours of Continuing Ed with Yoga alliance, or put it towards a full 95-hour RCYT training with Radiant Child Yoga. 


Join Cindy for an immersive weekend of Children’s Yoga training. Radiant Child Yoga is a 20 year old yoga school, rooted in tradition and jammed packed with tried and true techniques for sharing yoga and a love of life with children.  During this training you will be inspired to tune into your own inner child, deepen your personal understanding of yoga and shift the ways you view and live with children.  You will get to experience a plethora of games and activities that are both playful and purposeful.  Leave the training with the confidence and practical skills and tools you need to share yoga effectively with children from tots to teens.


  • Gain skills and knowledge to share yoga with children of all ages (from tots to teens)

  • Learn yoga stories, games and songs

  • Learn practical tools for focus and calm

  • Touch on yoga for ADHD, Autism and Different Abilities

  • Learn meditation, mindfulness and breath practices for children

  • Develop class management and centering tools

  • Understand the physical and energetic development of the child

Bring Journal, pen, yoga mat, water bottle. Lunch is included and there is an abundance of yoga props, but feel free to bring snacks and anything to make you more comfortable.

About Cindy:
Cindy resides in Massey ON with her husband and 5 young children. She is an RYT-200 certified teacher through Radiant Child Yoga and is also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and Numerologist. Cindy has been working with children since she herself was a child, and as such has an amazing amount of experience with children.  She is known for her patience and creativity when working with children.  As well Cindy has firsthand experience sharing yoga with children who have different/challenging needs.


Visit Cindy's website


About Radiant Child Yoga:
RCY was established in 1999 and its founder Shakta Khalsa is one of the original

leaders of the children's yoga movement. The Radiant Child Yoga training has been taught on every continent (except Antarctica) to over 25,000 students!  RCY has trained tens of thousands of children's yoga teachers worldwide, including Cindy Stewart.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Beth Rutty 24 Hour Certification ]

Dates: September 25-27 2020 ((3 8hr days) ***FULL - next training: April 23-25, 2021 - inquire here

Times: Friday-Sunday • 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Location: Yoga at Spirit Ridge - Meaford

Investment: $425 (tax in)

Suitable for: anyone who would like to experience, learn and offer this healing practice. You do not need to be a yoga teacher

Includes 24 hours of practice and instruction, breakfast and lunch each day and a manual with pictures, sequences and more

Restorative Yoga, the yoga of non-doing, is a core practice underlying the very essence of yoga. Even those with an active yoga practice will benefit from the inner peace and deep release of Restorative Yoga. It is a practice that speaks directly to the Central Nervous System.

Supported and stabilized by various props, one experiences the yoga postures as profoundly relaxing and deeply rejuvenating, invoking a natural state of healing rest, renewal and equanimity.

In this 24 hour workshop Yoga Teachers will experience a practice each day to feel the effects first hand. We will break down the class sequences and each categories of poses. We will also support each other in partners or small group work in order to see and sense what different individuals might need for comfort as well as sequence an teach a class in groups. Beth will encourage each teacher to step outside the box and get creative to serve their students for the ultimate comfort experience in which they can let go the weight of the world.

Fundamentals of Teaching Restorative Yoga

1. What is Restorative Yoga? History/lineage

2. Why do we need it?

3. How is it different from other styles?

4. Benefits of RY

5. Principles of RY

6. Understanding the Central Nervous System (CNS)

    - understanding the Polyvagal Theory;

◦ Sympathetic

◦ Parasympathetic

◦ Signs and symptoms – both systems

◦ De-conditioning from stress

7. Exploring poses – rationale, set up, props and timing – anchoring and supporting; the art of touch (touchless touch); adjustments with blankets; use of sandbags, eyepillows and tennis balls...and more

8. Importance of meditation techniques and the language of RY

9. Use of music and silence

10. Sequencing a class/workshop

11. How long is optimal? 

12. Make time to experience the practice for yourself

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear”.

• Ram Das


"Thank you Beth for an amazing Restorative Teacher Training. You’ve given us the gift of knowledge and cultivating peace in our lives as well as others. Feeling blessed to have experienced and shared our time together” - Mary

Only 11 spaces open.

Muscle Imbalance & Yoga Therapy with Karen Heaven Claffey

Heaven on Earth & Integrated Health [ 20 hours ]

Date: October 2-4, 2020 

Times: Friday, 12-6 pm, Saturday 10 am - 6 pm, Sunday 9 am - 4 pm

Location:  Yoga at Spirit Ridge - 046397 Old Mail Road, Meaford


Early Bird $470 (tax in) - up until August 1, 2020

After that $510 (tax in) 

Included: handout and Vegetarian lunch both days

Suitable for: Yoga Teachers, Yoga Teachers in-training, Body Workers, Personal Trainers etc.

In this 2 day workshop participants will learn about muscle imbalance based on anatomy and science, and how to address and rehabilitate these imbalances with yoga postures and specific exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to assess, identify and treat muscle imbalances in each other by partnering with fellow participants. 

Topics include:

  • How to assess and identify muscle imbalances visually, manually, and through range of motion testing.

  • How to establish optimal postural alignment in standing, sitting and functional movements.

  • How to define the optimal muscle firing patterns for the upper and lower limbs, including the common dysfunctional patterns.

  • How to balance and treat muscle imbalances, and sub‐optimal muscle firing patterns with yoga postures and specific exercises.

Preparation for the Workshop: it is highly recommended that participants review the function and location of the following basic muscles: 

  • Gastrocnemius and Soleus

  • Tibialis Anterior & Posterior, and Fibulari

  • Hip Adductors

  • Hamstrings, Rectus Femoris

  • Quadriceps, Vastus Medialis & Lateralis

  • Gluteus Maximus, Medius & Minimus

  • Iliopsoas (Iliacus and Psoas) 

  • Tensor Fascia Lata

  • Piriformis

  • Thoracolumbar Paraspinals 

  • Serratus Anterior 

  • Rhomboids

  • Trapezius (Upper, Middle & Lower)

  • Quadratus Lumborum

  • Rectus and Transverse Abdominus

  • Pectoralis Major & Minor

  • Latissimus Dorsi 

  • Deltoid

  • Flexors & Pronators of Upper Extremity

  • Extensors & Supinators of Upper Extremity 

  • Levator Scapulae 

  • Suboccipitals

  • Sternocleidomastoid 

  • Deep Neck Flexors (Longus Coli & Capitis)

  • Scalenes

  • Masticators and Digastricus

Learn about Karen here

Developing Intuitive Sight: Understanding Energy Anatomy & Your Intuitive Gifts
with Colin Matthews
[ 15 hours ]

Date: November 20-22, 2020

Time: Friday 7-9 pm, Saturday 9:30 am - 5:30 pm, Sunday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Investment: $360 (tax in)

Location: Yoga at Spirit Ridge - 046397 Old Mail Road, Meaford

Includes: Vegetarian lunches both days, handouts, a personal intuitive reading (optional) and workshop content listed below. Accommodation (if needed) is extra. Dinners are not included

Suitable for: everyone interested an in-depth study on how to connect with your intuition, understand the way each participant communicates with their intuitive faculties, and how to rely upon it in every day life. Yoga teachers welcome.

All human beings are highly attuned and sensitive beings. The question isn’t whether or not you are intuitive, it is how do you tune in to what you already know and receive? 

In this weekend workshop/retreat, along with Certified Medical Intuitive, Colin Matthews, you will explore:

  • What is intuition?

  • The different ways we receive information/the language of intuition

  • How to know the difference between thoughts and knowing

  • How to see energy in others and work with it skillfully

  • How to work with your intuition in a meaningful way - as a teacher, parent, friend or citizen of the world.

  • Explore the ethics and integrity required to properly honour the grace of intuition

Each participant receiving an intuitive reading from Colin, with permission, will be explored through the weekend as an opportunity to learn more about how you are energetically expressing yourself in your body and life.

Read about Colin here

Yoga for Pelvic Health Teacher Training with Shannon Crow [ 20 hours ]

Date: May 1-2, 2021 

Times: 8 am – 6 pm (both Saturday and Sunday)

Investment: $679 +HST 

Location: 46397 Old Mail Road, Meaford

Includes: 20 hours of in-person training, comprehensive manual and a 1-hour virtual call with Shannon after the in-person training.

Also includes 2 organic/vegan or vegetarian lunches prepared by a local chef.

Suitable for: you must be a 200-hour certified yoga teacher.

Every yoga student at every age can benefit from an increased awareness of pelvic health.


Through breath, movement and knowledge you can help your yoga students to improve and maintain the function of the core 4 (diaphragm, pelvic floor, multifidus and transversus abdominus).


This teacher training will cover:

* Overall pelvic health and pelvic floor dysfunction

* Anatomy (of the pelvic floor and bony pelvis)

* Pelvic girdle & low back pain

* Diastasis Recti

* SI Joint and sciatic pain

* Cystitis, prostatitis, endometriosis & dyspareunia

* Incontinence

* Constipation

* Pelvic organ prolapse

* Pregnancy and postpartum pelvic health


This training will enable you to teach a 12-week session all on pelvic health or to bring pelvic health into your regular weekly group and 1:1 classes.


To arrange for breakfast and accommodations to also be included click here to contact Beth Rutty.

Yoga for Cancer Training: The Process of Therapeutic Healing
with Susanne Jakubowski 
[ 16 hours ]


Date: May 28-30, 2021 

Times: Friday: 7-9 pm [ 2 hours ]

          Saturday 9 am - 6 pm [ 8 hours ]

          Sunday 9 am - 4 pm [ 6 hours ]

Location: Yoga at Spirit Ridge - 046397 Old Mail Road, Meaford

Investment: $335 (tax in) - Vegetarian lunch included

Suitable for: Yoga Teachers, care-givers or anyone who supports anyone living with cancer

Description: This three day training focuses on teaching the complex student who comes to your class in the various stages of a cancer diagnosis. This course will guide you through the process of therapeutic healing that can be used to assist your students as well as friends and family. You will increase your knowledge about cancer, separate fact from fiction, be provided with solutions to share with students and be giving a practical guide to teaching this special population.  

You will learn that there is no one size fits all approach, that each person with cancer has a unique and individual set of challenges to overcome - mental, physical and emotional. Treatments and consequences, safety, appropriate poses and modifications, and the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach will all be discussed.  

In this hands on course: 

  • We will be exploring asana, pranayama and meditation in relation to the parasympathetic nervous system, the immune system and the flow of energy in the body.  

  • We will be exploring movement to stimulate the cardiovascular and lymphatic system. 

  • We will explore fascia and its effect on the nervous system.  

  • We will explore the benefits of strength and muscle building at each stage of life.

  • We will explore the use of touch, and energetic healing as a modality. 

Yoga is recommended by oncologists, psychologists, the American and Canadian cancer societies, and body workers for those struggling with a cancer diagnosis but not all teachers or classes are appropriate or safe. There is so much fear by the student that they will not fit in, be able to do the work, that they will be asked to do poses due to fatigue or physical restrictions, that they will interrupt the class, be singled out, miss too many classes, and the list goes on.  Providing a safe haven, being knowledgeable and respectful is a gift that you can provide as a studio owner or teacher with the right tools and some compassion.   

About Susanne:

Susanne Jakubowski  is a yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist, and cancer survivor  Aside from teaching her regular classes for 25 years, she specializes in pelvic floor health,   seniors yoga and counselling those with cancer. Her quest for optimal health has led her to study and explore a multidisciplinary approach to physical and emotional healing.  Her passion is to pass knowledge on to others through teaching, writing, blogging and creating her new book, Fight Fire with Food. Contact her at or check out her website,

Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage (2 weekends) Course
with Beth Rutty and Susanne Jakobowski
  [ total 44 hours ]

Dates: March 5-7 & April 9-11, 2021 (both weekends make up the total 44 hours for the full course)

Times: Friday/Saturday - 8 am - 5:00 pm [ 8 hours x 2 days = 16 hours ]

Sunday 8 am - 3:00 pm [6 hours ]

Investment: $1100 (tax in)

Includes: 44 hours of instruction, manual with pictures and vegetarian lunches all three days, homework in-between weekends

Location: 46397 Old Mail Road, Meaford, On

Suitable for: anyone interest in learning how to offer this very healing, hands-on practice.

Description: Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient bodywork developed over 2,500 years ago by Shivago Komarbhaccha, an Ayurvedic Doctor and celebrated Yogi.  He practiced and shared his teachings with the Buddhist Monks. It combines influences from Tui Na Chinese massage, Reflexology, Ayurvedic Indian Massage, Shiatsu Japanese massage, Yoga and Breathing Exercises.

Students will learn basic techniques that can lead them to more advanced practice, including: 

  • techniques like; gentle rocking, deep stretching, rhythmic compression, where each pose should flow into the next.

  • the intuitive dance between the therapist and the receiver

  • the physical application of love and compassion 

  • methods to attain or regain balance in the flow of energy in the body

  • how to works on superficial and deeper fascial layers of muscles, ligaments, joints and connective tissues and touches all areas of the body including the nervous, digestive and respiratory systems

  • simple routines that can be offered right away as an long practice or shorter ones - seated, supine, prone and side lying

  • Benefits: can alleviates back pain, frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome, SI joint issues, sacrum instability, menstrual pain, irritable bowel, and circulatory problems as well as stress

Thai massage deals with rhythm because it is one of the fundamental principles of life. Rhythm and rocking deal with the water element.  

See video here

To arrange for breakfast and accommodations to also be included click here to contact Beth Rutty.


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