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Yoga Teacher Continuing Education, Mentorship & Support


I teach, mentor and support yoga teachers to grow their knowledge, skills and confidence so they can attract, inspire and retain students. These offerings are to serve yoga teachers to embrace and offer their unique gifts through the practices of yoga (asana, meditation, philosophy & pranayama).

If you are a yoga teacher and you would like to continue learning and honing your skills,
click on the button below to see what I am offering.

1:1 Yoga for Healing


Healing can come through many avenues. People can experience incredible healing through participating in yoga classes, but sometimes need more of an individualized approach. In 1:1 sessions I can observe, teach and massage to bring a deep sense of healing to your body, mind and heart. 

Yoga Classes


One of the definitions I like to offer for yoga is a process of becoming more aware. If this it true, then yoga can be practiced in everything you do in life. In my classes, whether alignment-based Hatha, or Restorative or Meditation, we practice to become more embodied in the experience of living life. 

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