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Ayurveda 101 with Beth Rutty

Where: Spirit Ridge • 46397 Old Mail Road, Meaford
Date: TBD
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 am [3 hours ]
Investment: $70 (tax in)

Ayurveda (Eye-yur-vade-a) is considered a sister science to yoga. The basis of this wise system is that all things in the natural world, including us humans, are made up of 5 elements. The elements are ether, air, fir, water and earth in descending order from least manifested and light to most manifested and heavy.

We are made up of all of these elements in different recipes. Each one of us was born with a specific constitution/characteristics that includes all of the elements within our physical, mental, energetic and emotional presence. It’s like being born with a specific eye colour or a propensity towards creativity, or a strong pull to nurture. 
As we live our lives, interacting with our environment, nature vs nurture can begin to shift us away from our birth constitution. Ayurveda refers to this as an imbalance. You become out of sync with one or more of the elements.
In this workshop, we take a closer look, together, at the elements and their characteristics with the idea that if we can understand our nature and how our interactions and our environment has an effect on the way we show up in the world, then we can gain some insight as to what we need to shift to come back into harmony with all parts of ourselves.

You will learn:

  • basic Ayurvedic concepts

  • about the qualities of the 5 elements of Ayurveda

  • how the elements relate to you and everyone you know

  • how to have an understanding and acceptance of why you are the way you are

  • how to recognize what out of balance looks and feels like for you

  • how to bring yourself back into balance through diet, movement and activities

  • how the time of day, seasons and the time of your life can guide us to create a more optimal balance of life 


This interactive workshop will be part lecture, part conversation and Hatha Yoga (breath, awareness and movement). No yoga experience necessary.

Click on the button below to register online with a credit card, or email to register and send an e-transfer. 

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