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Yoga Teacher Continuing Education, Mentorship & Support

Are you a yoga teacher, new or experienced, but are looking to grow you confidence and skills set?

Look no further as it is my passion to teach, mentor and support yoga teachers to grow their knowledge, skills and confidence so they can attract, inspire and retain students. These offerings are to serve you, as a yoga teacher to embrace and offer your unique gifts through the practices of yoga (asana, meditation, philosophy & pranayama).

4 Ways to Participate:

Reasons to be mentored:

You are a yoga teacher:

  • who hasn't found your teaching voice yet

  • who would like to be more confident

  • who is looking to deepen, refine and grow your teaching skill set including:

    • languaging​

    • sequencing

    • theming

    • the 'marriage' anatomy & asana

    • how to 'see' your students better

    • how to modify poses to meet your students' needs

  • who wants to take ​your business to a new level and needs some marketing assistance

  • who wants to grow your own personal asana, pranayama or meditation practice

  • who has an injury or persistent issue and would like to heal through the practices of yoga

  • needs an ear to listen to your challenges and is seeking clarity through conversation and yoga philosophy


The concept of mentorship has been around a long time, making its first appearance in Homer's poem The Odyssey (written around 800 BCE). Mentor was a friend of Odysseus. When Odysseus left to fight in the Trojan War he placed Mentor in charge of being his son's teacher and advisor.

I have been mentoring Yoga Teachers for many years, listening to their heart's desires and helping them along the way to move in a direction that allows them to offer their heart-felt gifts in the most fulfilling way.


As with every other career path, being a Yoga Teacher can have its challenges navigating your unique path. It is easy to get caught up in what you think you're 'supposed' to do, rather than what will serve you and your students in the highest.

You heard the calling to be a Yoga Teacher, now where do you want to go?

Continuing Educaton Weekends

"I have had several opportunities to travel to Beth Rutty’s studio and learn from her and other amazing guest teachers! Her lovely studio is tucked away at the top of the escarpment with a beautiful view! Her studio is quiet, clean & welcoming and has every prop needed for class. I felt as if I was on retreat!


As a host, Beth is genuine, caring and welcoming. As a teacher, she is considerate, knowledgeable and has so much to share. Take one of her classes and experience for yourself! This place is so special, I look forward to visiting again to expand my yoga knowledge with this lovely teacher! 

Thank you, Beth, for sharing your hospitality, your yoga knowledge and your beautiful studio! You are a gem!"

Warren Mi USA


These weekends provide Yoga Teachers with a sense of community, support and learning in a format similar to that of their original Yoga Teacher training. Each weekend will have its own agenda, but could also include:

  1. Consideration for the needs/goals of each individual enrolled
  2. Asana - different focus each time ie, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, inversion etc.
    • exploring subtleties and purposes of poses

    • anatomy

    • sequencing techniques

    • tendencies and modifications for many differences

    • pranayama

    • meditation

    • philosophy

  3. An exploration of the philosophical concepts of yoga to bring into your life and into your yoga classes

  4. Teaching skills

    • language

    • sequencing

    • theming

    • 'vision' - reading body and body language of your students

    • practice teaching - with constructive feedback

  5. Experience the practices of Yoga as a a community including:​

    • chanting

    • meditation

    • pranayama

    • asana​

Workshops & Trainings
Yoga Classes


I have 3 combo online/in-person classes at the moment that are open to all yoga teachers. The 3 classes I currently offer are all alignment-based Hatha Yoga with 3 different focuses:


  • All Levels 

  • Gentle

  • Teacher's Practice


Over the years I have had the pleasure of teaching many yoga teachers within my 'regular' classes. Yoga Teachers find my classes a great resource for teaching different groups of people with varying stages of awareness and movement capability. In the Teacher's Practice I offer a class that is educational, potentially physically challenging and fun. I always encourage the asking of questions as they often spark amazing discussions, just as we used to have in Yoga Teacher Training.

"As a student of Yoga as well as a Yoga Teacher, what I really love about your teaching Beth, is that you really help us to focus on purpose or the effect of the poses that we’re aiming for rather than just the verbiage of what we’ve been told. I love the way you teach about cause and effect vs only one right way to approach poses."


- Jaclyn



You can choose from a multitude of programs that I teach or guest teachers offer either in-person or online. These offerings vary in intensity and length and can all count towards Yoga Alliance Membership Continuing Education Hours. They all support Yoga Teachers in their personal and professional development. Some previously offered programs are:


  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

  • Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

  • Pelvic Health Teacher Training and Workshop

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

  • Yin Yoga Training and Workshop

  • The Business Side of Yoga

  • Developing Intuitive Insight

  • Muscle Imbalance Workshop

  • Reiki Training

  • Ayurveda Workshop

  • Mindfulness, Breath and Meditation Workshop

  • Yoga for Cancer

  • Yoga Anatomy and Asana Workshop


*certificates are given out for all 'trainings'

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