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First and foremost, I am love.

In addition to that are a multitude of labels that I have happily taken through this human journey - daughter, sister, wife, mother, graphic designer, yoga teacher (Join me in a class online or in-person), lover of life...and the list goes on until I arrive back at love.

I have been around since 1964, learning and growing to arrive right where I am at this moment. 

I have been teaching movement to people since 1990 - then, in the form of aerobics. With a longing to know more about how the human body moves, I jumped (literally) into Ashtanga Yoga discovering a beautiful spiritually based system that incorporated flowing movement while honouring the gift of the breath. I explored Iyengar Yoga principles which places an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment. When Anusara Yoga was in its hay-day, I learned to combine alignment principles with a concept that we all flow with Grace. This took me to a deeper study of Tantric Yoga which offers that we are all perfect as we are and life is meant to be experienced - the good, the bad and the ugly. This is how we learn and grow. I have also studied Yoga Therapy extensively and worked with many people living with pain and suffering. They have shown me how important the practices of yoga can be for healing on a multitude of levels. (Read about why you might work 1.1 with me)


I continue to study philosophy, the mind and human body biomechanics every day by following great teachers and learning from my own experience in life and on my mat.

I truly feel joy from teaching, mentoring and supporting yoga teachers to grow their knowledge, skills and confidence so they can attract, inspire and retain students. These offerings are to serve yoga teachers to embrace and offer their unique gifts through the practices of yoga (asana, meditation, philosophy & pranayama). (Please visit my Yoga Teacher Support page)


The people I have been fortunate to have as yoga students have been among my best teachers. But, I have also had the honour to have studied with incredible yoga teachers and I bring what II have learned through them and their teachers before them, to you as students of yoga. For all my teachers, I am extremely grateful.

Susan McClelland & Nesta Falladown - North Star Yoga

   (Yoga Centre of Burlington)

François Raoult - Open Sky Yoga

Paul Grilley

Martin Kirk - Kirk Yoga

Karen Claffey - Heaven on Earth & Integrated Health

Tianne Allen - YogaTianne

Doug Keller - DoYoga

Jesse Enright

Hareesh - Tantrik Studies

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