We're back to 4-6 people IN-PERSON... register by Friday, March 4 for the next session starting the week of March 7. 
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2021/22 - 6 & 8 Week Sessions
starting the week(s) of:

EARLY FALL  (6 wks) - October 4 - November 8

LATE FALL (6 wks) - November 15 - December 20

WINTER  (8 wks) - January 10 - February 28 (online for January)

EARLY SPRING (8 wks) - March 7 - April 25

One of the definitions I use for the word Yoga is 'the process of becoming more aware'. This is the basis for my teaching philosophy. It becomes the measurement I offer students to know if the yoga they are practicing is serving them.

Each class I teach offers opportunity to explore this subject through breath, alignment and movement of your body as well as stillness.

  • Classes are offered in 6 week sessions (click here for the calendar)

  • Participate online (up to 20 people) or in-person (up to 4 people when not in lockdown only)

  • If you are coming in-person, please bring your own yoga mat, blanket, blocks and strap or tie (I have some for sale)

  • Each class is recorded and posted to YouTube for you to watch if you miss a live class

  • No drop-ins at this time

  • Each 6 week session is $95 (tax in)*

  • You may apply existing class passes to these session fees​

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*​ if a statutory holiday falls in the 6 weeks, the price will be adjusted

To register or inquire, please email Beth -


9:00-10:15 am - All Levels Alignment-based Hatha Yoga

Classes draw from the various lineages of Hatha yoga, with a strong influence from the teachings of Anusara Yoga. I emphasize alignment, and weave postures with poetic reflections and teachings. These classes usually revolve around strengthening or stretching a specific area or on specific poses. It’s a study of your own, individual anatomy first-hand through breath and movement. In the process you gain a deeper understanding of who you are both on and off a yoga mat. We often use props such as the wall, chairs, belts, blocks, tennis balls, dowels and blankets to increase awareness in poses. Whether you have had a little or a lot of yoga experience, this class is for you as I offer many variations and modifications.


"Beth is a wise yoga educator, her class is always refreshing to anyone wanting to find some inspiration, movement, and mind body connection. If you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, and you are open to receive, you will enjoy her teachings. Thanks Beth for hosting online yoga, as a Mom of 2 under the age"

- Espe

"I have had the privilege of practicing Restorative and Gentle Yoga with Beth, in studio, and, more recently, virtually. She immediately draws people into her aura by virtue of her intuition, depth of knowledge and inner wisdom. Beth’s caring, virtual presence is felt as if you were physically in the room with her! Her teachings and invitations are transformative physically, spiritually and mindfully~ she speaks to the heart. Beth is masterful in offering precise descriptions of body alignment and postures, and provides entry points for all of us, wherever we are, on our yoga journeys. I am always inspired by her… and benefit from reflecting on her teachings for my own personal growth and insight."

- Shari 

"In challenging times like these we need to keep moving! Beth’s Gentle Yoga certainly provides that and I can assure you all that I feel very good at the end of it!  


I am balance challenged and this is on the mat (for the most part) and I have never felt over my head!  (Love it!! Should have started it sooner!)"

- Doug

“This Yoga Teacher's class was a great class and just what I needed! I loved how playful it was. I loved how you reference "falling safely" because it really reminded me that it's OK to fall, to get off course, transition differently than I thought AND that I can do with protection, love and grace - exactly what I needed to hear and feel! 
Thank you!"

- Tiffany 


9:00-10:0 am - Gentle & Therapeutic Hatha Yoga

Yoga as a healing tool and therapy is an incredible gift. In this class, every week you'll be offered combinations of gentle movement with focused alignment cues that can release as well as strengthen the body; mindful breathing techniques, visualizations and meditation that can serve to bring you into your body and away from mental chatter; and restorative yoga, a yoga prop supported practice that invites you to rest and restore into the calming and healing side of your nervous system. This class is geared towards those in need of a slower paced, gentle and healing practice. Also suitable for anyone living with injuries, persistent physical challenges, cancer, anxiety and depression.


9:00-10:30 am - Yoga Teacher's Practice *


*also suitable for seasoned practitioners looking to deeper their anatomical knowledgable as it relates to yoga poses and movement

Sometimes, as a yoga teacher, it can be challenging to find a yoga class to participate in that offers you opportunity to explore anatomy and asana at a deeper level. This class is designed to serve yoga teachers and seasoned students of yoga who wish to practice connected to a like-minded community. I emphasize breath, alignment and a balancing of opposing concepts - strength vs softness, root to rise etc. This usually will include strengthening or stretching a specific area or on specific poses. It’s a study of your own, individual anatomy first-hand through breath and movement. I will be using more ‘traditional’ yoga props such as the yoga strap, blocks, and blankets to increase awareness in poses.