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Build Your Mentorship Program


You can book 3, 6 or 9 hour individualized programs. Each session is 1.5 hours. 


There is a minimum of 3 sessions. I believe to truly delve into whatever it is that brought you to me in the first place requires time for us to explore together. See below for fee structure for sessions of 6 or 9.

After our initial contact, your program will include:

  • a phone call to frame your program

    • your broad and/or specific goals

    • discuss time, energy and financial commitment

  • a follow up email from me with questions and/or goal setting exercises for your clarity and to help refine the focus of our sessions

  • you send me your responses and I start to build a program for you

  • our first session via FaceTime or Zoom (with the option to record so you can refer to it again)

  • follow-up homework with a doable timeline is agreed upon

  • subsequent sessions will build on the first one until goals are met or revised along the way



3 Sessions $405

6 Sessions $768

9 Sessions $1089


Group Mentorship/Training

Mentoring and or educational private training sessions can also be built to accommodate 2 to 4 Yoga Teachers and are customized to what you want to learn, in the areas you’d like to grow.

Fees for private groups of 2-4 people to be quoted based on subject, time and learning goals.

Through 1:1 in-person or online sessions, I offer support in a multitude of ways that will support how your soul wants you to show up in this world as a Yoga Teacher. The clarity you seek does come from within, but sometimes observations from someone else can help point you in the direction that you might not see yourself.​​

Mentorship Fees

3 Mentorship Areas:​

  1. ​Personal Yoga Goals
    • deepening the awareness of the practices of yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation) in your body, mind and heart for your own health and well being - growing and/or healing
      • when you can experience something first hand, it is easier to teach it and relate to what others are feeling​​

  2. Yoga Teaching Goals

    • specific and attainable goals as a yoga teacher on a multitude of levels including:

      • language

      • sequencing

      • theming

      • anatomy/asana

      • developing a keen eye for misalignments

      • contraindications

      • how to work one-on-one

      • how to develop a new class or workshop

      • therapeutic yoga

      • modified yoga

  3. Yoga Business Goals

    • how to consolidate and create a niche area with your skill set

    • how and where to put your energy to achieve the goals you seek for your business and your life as a whole

    • how to make a living at teaching yoga

    • how and where to best market yourself and what you offer

Also try one of my in-person/online Yoga Classes or book yourself into one of the Workshops or Trainings I have scheduled, or my Continuing Education Weekends.
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