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 "After my teacher training I ended up taking more trainings, but really I would have preferred to have been able to get help on specific things (ie certain poses, class sequencing, practice teaching, assists and moving into teaching other styles of yoga too.) I was so stuck on flows that it is still hard for me to imagine teaching a non-flow class so I would have loved some mentoring."

- Rebecca


(vegetarian lunch each day and handouts included)

Any 1 weekend $450 (tax in) 15 hours

All 6 weekends $2300 (tax in) 90 hours

In addition to these weekends you can also join my in-person/online Yoga Classes, check out my Mentorship Program​ or book yourself into one of the Workshops or Trainings I have scheduled.

I have suspended all in-person workshops and trainings until we can all feel safe gathering together in my space. I hope to be able to offer some of the following Continuing Education workshops online. Dates TBD

Focus on Forward Bends 

Focus on Rotations

Focus on Backbends

Focus on Standing Poses

Focus on Inversions

Please read below for my ideas/fees on Continuing Education for yoga teachers. Fingers crossed we can return ti in-person again one day. 

"I wish we could just keep going and have these weekends forever"

Sound familiar?

This is something I've heard since 2011 when I first began teaching in Yoga Teacher Training courses. Come to think of it, I believe I have said it too!

There was a loving camaraderie that began to grow from the first day of gathering in your course and by the time you were close to the end of your training the bond between you all was so strong. Beautiful friendships had developed that in some cases, will be kept forever .

Sure the learning was fun and informative, and probably challenging on mental, emotional and physical levels, but in the end the experience gave you back so much in the form of knowing yourself better as well as feeling a part of a supportive community. Some were ready to take the plunge and teach right away, others, were a bit more hesitant.

Teaching people is really where your deeper learning begins as you apply the techniques you learned in your training. "Real' people can teach us that we are not, 'one-size-fits-all' and ​different approaches are needed.

There are 3 stages of yoga teaching that I offer support for:

  1. The new Yoga Teacher (200 hours) who doesn't feel enough confidence in their knowledge and skills to teach right away

  2. The Yoga Teacher who has taught for awhile, but has realized that they've used all of their tools and feel like they are teaching the same thing over and over again. 

  3. The more experienced Yoga Teacher who longs for more education to support their students and to refine and deepen their knowledge and teaching skills.

This is where I come in. 

I saw the need to create a learning environment for you that has a sense of community, an opportunity to learn with others again. Within this structure, the challenges that arise from teaching 'real' people can be addressed with like-minded people who happen to be Yoga Teachers too.

I have designed 6 weekend trainings per year that offer you exactly this.

Each weekend will have a theme/focus, but will also include exploring and teaching all the practices of yoga:

  • chanting

  • meditation

  • breath/pranayama

  • philosophy (practical)

  • asana - break down and explore variations, anatomy and modifications

  • lecture and discussion

  • teaching practice - individual feedback and guidance

  • Q&A time on any subject

You can enrol in 1 or all 6.

Read the topics of the ones listed at the top of the page. 

Email me with any questions you might have.


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